SSHD & Host blacklist

Provided by Xander Outten of Bones Services LTD. for the last few decades.
Xander has been in communications hardware, firmware & software developement since the 80's

This script is based on a modified fail2ban application.

The page MUST be allowed to load fully!!!
DO NOT scrape the ban list database from the html.
Please use the links for your API to banned ip's json available here json or comma delimited string of banned IPs it's faster for you & I.

An IP address is only on this list if it has done something nefarious like trying to log in to SSH or scan the server for backdoors, insecure documents, config documents, DDOS or network abuse
If you're innocent check you machines/devices for PUPs, Malware, Viri etc. & remove them.
If you're not innocent then this should be expected, please block at least this address from your scan pools
Any Bot/Crawl/Spider that ignores the robots.txt file will be added to the black list. Search engine admins can use this sitemap if needed.

If you try & download/mirror/scrape/wget these pages, rather than use the links above you'll also be barred.

BTW nmap scan or hackme (, I hack back ]:)

Select class 207.B.0.0/16

207.6 207.34 207.38 207.42 207.46 207.55 207.61 207.86 207.96 207.98 207.107 207.126 207.135 207.138 207.148 207.154 207.171 207.179 207.180 207.188 207.189 207.192 207.194 207.198 207.204 207.210 207.228 207.232 207.236 207.237 207.244 207.246 207.248 207.253